etoskey 65,m
Friday, December 3

(at) Maplewood Baptist 52, Copper Country Christian 41
Beaver Island 41, (at) Put-In-Bay, Ohio 37

Saturday, December 4
Beaver Island 53, (at) Put-In-Bay, Ohio 43
Copper Country Christian 43, (at) Maplewood Baptist 36

Monday, December 6
North Central 66. (at) Stephenson 37
Carney-Nadeau at Rapid River, ppd. snow

Tuesday, December 7
Ishpeming 46, (at) Gladstone 44
Escanaba 54, (at) Negaunee 45
(at) Boyne City 68, St. Ignace 50
(at) Dollar Bay 57, Calumet 45
Brimley 81, (at) Harbor Light Christian 55
(at) Kingsford 73, Houghton 47
(at) Menominee 50, Antigo, Wis. 27
(at) Munising 63, Gwinn 24
Lake Linden-Hubbell 39, (at) Hancock 34

Thursday, December 9
(at) Lake Linden-Hubbell 77, Baraga 37
Dollar Bay 60, (at) Hancock 34
Ewen-Trout Creek 66, (at) Ironwood 34
Harbor Springs 55, (at) Cedarville-DeTour 36
Houghton 64, (at) L’Anse 57
Munising Baptist at Big Bay deNoc
Negaunee 54, (at) Gwinn 42
Newberry at Cheboygan, postponed
North Central 73, (at) Rapid River 47
(at) Carney-Nadeau 48, North Dickinson 43
(at) Brimley 85, Pickford 50
Rudyard 60, (at) Sault Ste. Marie 58
(at) Forest Park 59, Superior Central 29
(at) Bessemer 68, Watersmeet 45
Friday, December 10
Escanaba 53, (at) Kingsford 50
Boyne City 51, (at) Sault Ste. Marie 36
(at) Wakefield-Marenisco 68, Ontonagon 50
Painesdale-Jeffers 90, (at) Baraga 16
Marquette at Petoskey, postponed
Menominee 57, (at) West Branch Ogemaw Heights 46
Westwood 69, (at) Ishpeming 32
Hannahville at Grand Marais
Maplewood Baptist at Mackinac Island

Saturday, December 11
Marquette at West Branch Ogemaw Heights, cancelled
Menominee 54, (at) Petoskey 52
Hannahville at Grand Marais
Monday, December 13
Negaunee 35, (at) Gladstone 22
North Central 71, (at) Superior Central 38
(at) Calumet 56, Baraga 29
(at) Stephenson 57, Carney-Nadeau 28
(at) Forest Park 90, West Iron County 34
Ewen-Trout Creek 79, (at) Wakefield-Marenisco 59
(at) Westwood 93, Hancock 37
Iron Mountain 59, (at) Manistique 39
Ironwood 53, (at) Bessemer 43
(at) Painesdaele-Jeffers 69, L'Anse 36
(at) Watersmeet 61, Republic-Michigamme 50
Munising 74, (at) Engadine 32
(at) Maplewood Baptist 71, Mackina2w City 26
Tuesday, December 14
Escanaba 84, (at) Houghton 49
(at) Cedarville-DeTour 57, Newberry 31
Ontonagon 46, (at) Watersmeet 42
(at) St. Ignace 66, Pickford 51

Wednesday, December 15
Ishpeming at Gwinn, postponed
Norway 65, (at) North Dickinson 23
(at) Munising 62, Superior Central 18

Thursday, December 16
(at) North Central 74, Carney-Nadeau 37
Cedarville-DeTour 86, (at) Brimley 72
Houghton at Hancock, postponed
(at) Gladstone 54, Manistique 29
(at) Rudyard 82, Newberry 29
Rapid River 70, (at) Forest Park 62 (OT)
(at) Sault Ste. Marie 48, St. Ignace 42
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Calumet, postponed
Wakefield-Marenisco 60, (at) Bessemer 49
Watersmeet at Ironwood, postponed
Friday, December 17
(at) Superior Central 37, Big Bay deNoc 14
(at) Manistique 46, Gwinn 34
Iron Mountain 47, (at) Norway 29
(at) Painesdale-Jeffers 62, Lake Linden-Hubbell 32
(at) Traverse City Central 61, Marquette 38
(at) Ewen-Trout Creek 74, Ontonagon 44
(at) Negaunee 70, West Iron County 13
(at) Kingsford 79, Westwood 59
Escanaba 66. (at) Cedarburg, Wis. 55

Saturday, December 18
(at) L’Anse 54, Baraga 38
Green Bay Notre Dame 71, Escanaba 67
(at) Rudyard 82, Lake Leelenau St. Mary 63
(at) Traverse City West 51, Marquette 32
Menominee at Milwaukee Tech

Monday, December 20
(at) Norway 51, Niagara, Wis. 34
St. Ignace 70, (at) Engadine 45
(at) Ewen-Trout Creek 60, Bessemer 37
Alpena at Sault Ste. Marie
Wakefield-Marenisco 73, (at) Watersmeet 56
Hillman at Cedarville-DeTour
(at) Calumet 63, Houghton 54
Ironwood at Mercer, Wis. postponed
(at) Brimley 75, Mackinaw City 71
Mid Peninsula at Big Bay deNoc

Tuesday, Deember 21
Florence, Wis. 69, (at) Forest Park 32
Indian River Inland Lakes at Rudyard, cancelled
Manistique at Negaunee, postponed
Lake Linden-Hubbell 59, (at) Dollar Bay 54
North Central 60, (at) Bark River-Harris 41
Stephenson 42, (at) North Dickinson 38
Wakefield-Marenisco at Mellen, Wis.
(at) Kingsford 80, West Iron Countty 21

Thursday, December 23
(at) Mackinaw City 61, Maplewood Baptist 44
(at) Niagara, Wis. 69, North Dickinson 25

Monday, December 27
Rapid River 60, (at) Mid Peninsula 40
Tuesday, December 28
(at) Escanaba 58, Gladstone 24
(at) Westwood 66, Negaunee 50
Milwaukee Young Coggs 52, Carney-Nadeau 42
Brimley 68, Stephenson 67

Wednesday, December 29
Carney-Nadeau Tournament
3rd Place: Stephenson 60, Carney-Nadeau 27
1st place: Miwaukee Young Coggs 79, Brimley 65

Thursday, December 30
(at) Hurley, Wis. 71, Ironwood 40
Marquette 55, (at) Negaunee 53
Menominee 83, (at) Marinette, Wis. 69
Rapid River 54, (at) Bark River-Harris 39

Monday, January 3
(at) Watersmeet 68, Baraga 42
Munising 69, (at) North Dickinson 30
(at) Iron Mountain 48, Gladstone 34
Bark River-Harris 49, (at) Ishpeming 44
(at) Manistique 57, Engadine 40
North Central 57, (at) Norway 44
(at) Ontonagon 56, Republic-Michigamme 43
Chassell at Hancock

Tuesday, January 4
(at) Escanaba 48, Marquette 34
(at) Houghton 66, West Iron County 24
(at) Dollar Bay 78, Baraga 31
(at) L’Anse 57, Hancock 40
(at) Painesdale-Jeffers 67, Calumet 24

Wednesday, January 5
(at) Sault Ste. Marie 51, Gaylord 29
Iron Mountain at Ishpeming, ppd.  snow
Hannahville 50, (at) Mid Peninsula 46
Munising 77, (at) Rapid River 42
Westwood at Gwinn, ppd. snow

Thursday, January 6
(at) Carney-Nadeau 50, Bark River-Harris 43
(at) North Central 68, Stephenson 37
(at) Painesdale-Jeffers 71, Bessemer 32
Engadine at Pickford, postponed
Ewen-Trout Creek 78, (at) Dollar Bay 43
(at) Norway 60, Forest Park 31
Kingsford at Marquette, postponed
(at) St. Ignace 95, Newberry 59
Republic-Michigqamme at Ironwood, postponed
Superior Central at Big Bay deNoc, postponed
Calumet 54, (at) Lake Linden-Hubbell 47

Friday, January 7
(at) Menominee 77, Escanaba 44
(at) Gladstone 66, Gwinn 31
(at) Westwood 67, Iron Mountain 46
(at) Ishpeming 41, Manistique 29
Mid Peninsula at Republic-Michigamme, postponed
(at) Hancock 45, Ontonagon 43

Monday, January 10
Stephenson 52,(at) Bark River-Harris 32

Ironwood 36, (at) L’Anse 34
Ishpeming at Hancock, cancelled
Cheboygan 50, (at) Newberry 42
Kingsford 52, (at) Forest Park 28
Negaunee 42, (at) Calumet 26
North Central 67, (at) North Dickinson 23
Norway 67, (at) West Iron County 18
(at) Mid Peninsula 34, Superior Central 26

Tuesday, January 11
Hannahville 67, (at) Carney-Nadeau 56
Houghton 64, (at) Hancock 38
Brimley at St. Ignace, postponed
(at) Rudyard 71, Cedarville-DeTour 41
(at) Menominee 58, Gibraltar, Wis. 54
(at) Westwood 63, Gladstone 22
Munising Baptist at Big Bay deNoc
(at) Newberry 66, Pickford 40
Rapid River 46, (at) Manistique 33
Sault Ste. Marie at Alpena
Watersmeet at Dollar Bay
(at) Painesdale-Jeffers 93, Ontonagon 55
Baraga at Bessemer

Wednesday, January 12
Munising 55, (at) Manistique 47
Gwinn 52, (at) Houghton 47
Ishpeming at Marquette, cancelled

Thursday, January 13
Westwood 83, (at) West Iron County 37
Baraga at Watersmeet, postponed
Brimley at Engadine
(at) Sault Ste. Marie 53, Cheboygan 26
(at) Munising 54, Forest Park 27
(at) Kingsford 71, Gladstone 20
Painesdale-Jeffers 72, (at) Ironwood 44
L’Anse 60, (at) Hancock 25
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Ewen-Trout Creek, postponed (make-up Feb 9)
Maplewood Baptist at Big Bay deNoc, postponed
Mid Peninsula at Carney-Nadeau, postponed
(at) Menominee 60, Oconto, Wis. 46
Pickford at Cedarville-DeTour
(at) Rudyard 65, St. Ignace 48
Superior Central 23, (at) North Dickinson 19
Wakefield-Marenisco at Republic-Michigamme, postponed

Friday, January 14

(at) Negaunee 43, Ishpeming 34
Calumet 52, (at) West Iron County 18

(at) Iron Mountain 48, Gwinn 40
(at) Rapid River 51, Engadine 41
Houghton 79, (at) Dollar Bay 47
(at) Newberry 52,Manistique 45
Norway 61, (at) Bark River-Harris 22
Hannahville 62, (at) Mackinac Island 36


Saturday, January 15
Hannahville 67, (at) Mackinac Island 30
Copper Country Christian 72, (at) Delta County Knights 43
Copper Country Christian 56, (at) Delta County Knights 46

Monday, January 17
(at) Munising 72, Carney-Nadeau 41
(at) North Central 70, Rapid River 44
(at) Bark River-Harris 57, Forest Park 54 (2-OT)
Ironwood 67, (at) Republic-Michigmme 34
Negaunee 43, (at) Hancock 24
(at) Norway 66, North Dickinson 19

Tuesday, January 18

(at) Marquette 60, Sault Ste. Marie 39
(at) Ewen-Trout Creek 67, Baraga 24
(at) Newberry  73, Brimley 37

Gladstone 45, (at) Gwinn 42 (OT)
Kingsford 67, (at) Iron Mountain 47
Rudyard 81, (at) Engadine 31
(at) Ironwood 64, Mercer, Wis. 40
Westwood at Escanaba, postponed
Big Bay deNoc at Hannahville, postponed
Houghton at West Iron County, postponed
Republic-Michigamme at Superior Central, postponed

Wednesday, January 19
(at) Munising 43, Stephenson 35
Hillman 70, (at) Cedarville 38

Thursday, January 20

(at) Ojibwe Charter 53, Big Bay deNoc 21
(at) Rapid River 50, Bark River-Harris 40
Cedarville-DeTour 70, (at) Engadine 35
Chassell at Houghton, postponed
Dollar Bay at Ironwood, postponed
Florence, Wis. 57, (at) Norway 32
Gwinn at Ishpeming, postponed
(at) Calumet 5o, Hancock 33
(at) Ewen-Trout Creek 39, Painesdale-Jeffers 37
(at) Bssemer 56, Lake Linden-Hubbell 46
(at) Iron Mountain 68, Manistique 34
Newberry at Sault Ste. Marie, postponed (make-up Jan 31)
(at) Kingsford 76, North Dickinson 16
Ontonagon at Baraga . postponed

(at) Menominee 50, Peshtigo, Wis. 40
Rudyard 74, (at) Pickford 25
St. Ignace 52, (at) Cheboygan 51
Watersmeet at Three Lakes, Wis., postponed


Friday, January 21
Forest Park 59, (at) West Iron County 39
Hannahville 67, (at) Maplewood Baptist 45
(at) Wakefield-Marenisco 81, L'Anse 34
(at) Menominee 51, North Central 26
Superior Central at Stephenson, cancelled
(at) Negaunee 51, Westwood 43
Iron Mountain at Ishpeming, postponed

Saturday, January 22
(at) West DePere, Wis. 86, Escanaba 47
(at) Rudyard 57, Munising 34
(at) St. Ignace 87, Brimley 64
Hannahville 58, (at) Maplewood Baptist 43
Ontonagon at Lake Linden-Hubbell, postponed

Monday, January 24
(at) Petoskey 65, Marquette 58
(at) Hannahville 77, Munising Baptist 43
(at) Norway 62, Bark River-Harris 46
(at) Munising 67, Engadine 38
(at) Painesdale-Jeffers 73, Hancock 22
(at) Menominee 50, Kingsford 31
(at) Westwood 68, West Iron County 11
Pickford at Sault Ste. Marie
(at) Bessemer 52, Republic-Michigamme 33

Tuesday, January 25
Copper Country Christian at Watersmeet
Dollar Bay at Ontonagon
Ewen-Trout Creek at L’Anse
Gaylord at St. Ignace
Gladstone at Ishpeming, cancelled
Iron Mountain at Negaunee
Ironwood at Lake Linden-Hubbell, postponed
Painesdael-Jeffers at Houghton
NC at Mid Peninsula
North Dickinson at Forest Park
Stephenson at Rapid River (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Superior Central at Carney-Nadeau
Wakefield-Marenisco at Baraga
West Iron County at Hancock
Watersmeet at Chassell

Wednesday, January 26
Munising at Newberry
Hannahville at Paradise
Pickford at Ellsworth
Sault Ste. Marie at Cedarville-DeTour

Thursday, Jan. 27

BR-H at Gwinn
Calumet at Houghton
FP at E-TC
Jeffers at W-M or 28
Marquette at Kingsford
Ontonagon at L’Anse
WIC at Norway
Westwood at IM

Friday, Jan. 28

Bessemer at DB
Brimley at Pickford
C-N at FP
Ced-DeTour at SI
Cheboygan at Newberry
E-TC at Chassell
Gladstone at Menominee
Ironwood at Baraga  

LL-H at Watersmeet
MP at ND
Negaunee at Manistique 
Ontonagon at L’Anse
RR at SC
SSM at Rudyard
W-M at Jeffers

 Fri and Sat. Jan 28 and 29

Beaver Island at BBdN

Monday, Jan. 31

Hannahville at Big Bay deNoc
Engadine at MP
E-TC at Hurley

Tuesday, Feb. 1

BR-H at Munising
Chassell at L’Anse
Maplewood Baptist at BBdN
Houghton at Ishpeming
L’Anse at Bessemer
LL-H at Baraga  

Manistique at Gwinn
Marquette at Westwood
Menominee at Escanaba
MP at SC
NC at C-N
Norway at Kingsford
Pickford at Harbor Springs.
R-M at DB
RR at ND
Stephenson at FP
Three Lakes, WI at W-M

 Wednesday, Feb. 2

Ced-DeTour at Newberry
E-TC at Jeffers
SI at Pickford or East Jordan

Thursday, Feb. 3  

L’Anse at Baraga
Ojibwe Charter at BBdN
Watersmeet at E-TC

Friday, Feb. 4

Brimley at Ced-DeTour
Calumet at Chassell
C-N at MP
DB at Jeffers
E-TC at Watersmeet
FP at NC
Gwinn at Negaunee
Ishpeming at IM
Kingsford at Escanaba
L’Anse at Baraga
Manistique at Westwood  

Menominee at Marquette
ND at BR-H
Norway at Stephenson
Ontonagon at Bessemer
R-M at LL-H
Rudyard at Newberry
W-M at Ironwood

Monday, Feb. 7

Baraga at R-M
Gladstone at Manistique
Ishpeming at BR-H
Engadine at Newberry
L'Anse at Ontonagon

Tuesday, Feb. 8

Baraga at R-M
BR-H at Stephenson
Calumet at L’Anse
Chassell at DB
FP at ND
Gwinn at Hancock
Ironwood at Ontonagon
Jeffers at LL-H
Kingsford at WIC
Marquette at Gladstone
Menominee at NC
Norway at C-N
SSM at Gaylord
SI at Rogers City
SC at RR

Wednesday, Feb. 9

Ishpeming at Westwood
MP at Engadine
Calumet at West Iron County

Thursday, Feb. 10

DB at L’Anse
Engadine at RR
Escanaba at Marquette
Hancock at Houghton
Ironwood at E-TC
Kingsford at Gladstone
MP at RR

Friday, Feb. 11

Bessemer at Watersmeet
Cheboygan at Rudyard
FP at SC
IM at Gwinn
Jeffers at R-M
Lake Leelanau at Ced-DeTour
L’Anse at DB
LL-H at Chassell
Negaunee at Ishpeming
NC at Munising
Pickford at Engadine
SSM at Brimley
SI at Newberry
Stephenson at C-N
W-M at Ontonagon
WIC at Calumet
Westwood at Manistique

Fri and Sat. Feb 11 and 12
BBdN at Mackinac Island

Saturday, Feb. 12

Ced-DeTour at MP
Pickford at Lake Leelanau St. Mary
Roscommon at Rudyard
SSM at Escanaba
W-M at Mercer, WI

Monday, Feb. 14

DB at Calumet
Ironwood at Drummond, WI
SI at Brimley

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Baraga at Jeffers
Bessemer at Ironwood
BBdN at MP
C-N at BR-H
Escanaba at Menominee
FP at Norway
Gladstone at Negaunee
Gwinn at Westwood
Houghton at Marquette
IM at Kingsford
LL-H at L’Anse
Manistique at Engadine
Newberry at Pickford
ND at NC
Norway at FP
RR at Munising
Rudyard at Ced-DeTour
Stephenson at SC
W-M at E-TC
Watersmeet at Ontonagon

Wednesday, Feb. 16

 Hancock at DB

Newberry at Pickford

 Thursday, Feb. 17

Calumet at Westwood
FP at Florence
Negaunee at Marquette
Stephenson at BBdN

Friday, Feb. 18

BR-H at FP
Bessemer at Houghton
C-N at ND
Ced-DeTour at Pickford
DB at Baraga
Engadine at Brimley
E-TC at Ontonagon
Gwinn at Calumet
Hancock at IM
Ironwood at Watersmeet
Ishpeming at Manistique
Jeffers at Chassell
L’Anse at WIC
Menominee at Gladstone
MP at RR
Norway at NC
Rudyard at SI
SSM at Cheboygan

Monday, Feb. 21

Brimley at Gaylord St. Mary
DB at LL-H
Ishpeming at Calumet
Mackinaw City at Engadine
Marquette at Escanaba
Menominee at Kingsford
ND at RR
SC at Norway
Westwood at Gladstone

Tuesday, Feb. 22

Baraga at Chassell
BR-H at Manistique
E-TC at Bessemer
Escanaba at Gwinn
Jeffers at L’Anse
LL-H at Houghton
Mackinaw City at SI
MP at Stephenson
Munising at NC
Ontonagon at Ironwood
Petoskey at SSM
R-M at Hancock
Rudyard at Cheboygan
Watersmeet at W-M

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Ced-DeTour at Hillman
Newberry at Manistique

Thursday, Feb. 24


Baraga at W-M
Cheboygan at SI
DB at Ontonagon
Houghton at IM  

Kingsford at Ishpeming
L’Anse at E-TC
Norway at RR
Watersmeet at R-M

Friday, Feb. 25

BR-H at NC
DB at Ontonagon
Engadine at Ced-DeTour
Escanaba at Gladstone
FP at C-N
Hancock at WIC
LL-H at Calumet
Manistique at Munising
ND at R-M
Pickford at Rudyard
SSM at Newberry
SC at Gwinn

Monday, Feb. 28

Houghton at Jeffers
IM at Gladstone
Stephenson at MP
Watersmeet at LL-H

Tuesday, Mar. 1

Baraga at Ontonagon  

BR-H at ND
Bessemer at W-M
Calumet at Negaunee
C-N at Kingsford
Engadine at Rudyard
Escanaba at SI
Gladstone at Marquette
Hancock at LL-H
L’Anse at R-M
Menominee at E-TC
Newberry at Brimley
Norway at Munising
RR at Stephenson
WIC at Ishpeming


Thursday, March 3

BR-H at SC
Brimley at Rudyard
Calumet at Hancock
IR Inland Lakes at Ced-DeTour
Ironwood at W-M
Jeffers at DB  

Kingsford at ND
Marquette at SSM
Negaunee at IM
Newberry at Engadine
RR at Norway  

R-M at Baraga
SI at Pickford
WIC at Gwinn  

Westwood at Houghton  


 Friday, Mar. 4

Munising at SC
RR at Norway