Great Northern Conference Names Baseball Awards

The Great Northern Conference baseball coaches met on Wednesday in Escanaba, and picked their All-Conference teams.

Kingsford, Marquette, Escanaba, Gladstone, and Menominee all were represented in the meeting. The Flivvers were named Team of the Year, and Manager Jack Kriegl was named Coach of the Year, after Kingsford won the conference championship.

The award winners are posted below;


Team of the Year: Kingsford.

Coach of the Year Coach: Joe Kriegl and Staff
Offensive Player of Year: Bon LaChance, Sr Escanaba, Andres Finley, Jr Kingsford

Pitcher of the Year: Isaac Sarles, Sr Marquette, Gavin Trevillian, Jr. Kingsford



P Isaac Sarles, Sr Marquette, Gold Glove

P Gavin Trevillian, Jr Kingsford, Gold Glove

CA Jack Kriegl, Sh Kingsford, Gold Glove

IF Nick Pantti, Sr Marquette, Gold Glove

IF Garrett Brown, Jr Kingsford, Gold Glove

IF Casey Alworden, Jr Gladstone

IF Eli Gardner, Sr Escanaba

OF, Gavin Grondin, Jr Kingsford

OF Landon Bardowski, Sr Menominee

OF John Soderman, Sr Gladstone


GNC 1st Team

IF Ben Johnson, Sr Escanaba

IF Eli Gardner, Sr Escanaba

IF Joey Weber, Jr Kingsford

IF Garret Brown Jr Kingsford

IF Gavin Frossard, Jr Gladstone

IF Casey Alworden, Jr Gladstone

IF Nick Pantti, Sr Marquette

OF Gib Jzewski, Jr Marquette

OF Gavin Grondin, Jr Kingsford

OF Landon Bardowski, Sr Menominee

OF John Soderman, Sr Gladstone

OF Rex Kelly, Sr Gladstone

P Lenox Peacock, Sh Escanaba

P Isaac Ketchum, Jr Gladstone

CA Mikaiden Hughes, Fr Escanaba

CA Jack Kriegl, Sh Kingsford


GNC 2nd Team

IF Ian Sheltrow, Jr Marquette

IF Jonah Doenier, Fr Kingsford

IF Cooper Sanville, Fr Gladstone

If Gable Buck, Sr Menominee

IF Chase Cloutier, Sr Escanaba

IF Aiden McCullom, Sr Marquette

OF Nolan Hendrickson, Jr Kingsford

OF Nate Young, Sr Gladstone

OF Torin Davis, Sr Menominee

OF Brody Ison, Fr Escanaba

OF Brody Caster, Sr Marquette

OF Jake Toyras, Jr Maruette

P Cannon Arnt, Sh Escanaba

P Trevor Thorbahn, Sh Gladstone


Honorable Mention

Garret Carlson, Sh Menominee

Chase Niemi, Jr Marquette

Halen McCullom, Sh Marquette

Wyatt Scott, Sr Kingsford

Cam Gauthier, Jr Menominee

Dillian Beal, Fr Menominee

Nolan Bink, Sh Escanaba

Jan van den Ende, Sr Marquette